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Date: October 29th 1916

Oct 29/16
Dear Mother

Well we have been over 48 hrs on the train now and expect another 24 before we reach Halifax. We transferred from CPR to I.R.C. here so I guess going will be slower from here on. We made dandy time from Camp to Ottawa,. Just a little over 50 hrs. We were inspected by Sir Sam in Ottawa this morning before a large crowd of people. Every one turned out for the University bunch and the papers were full of it. We marched up to the parliament buildings and were reviewed there together with the 131 from Westminister.

We left Ottawa at 12 oclock and arrived in Montreal just before dark. We left there a few minutes ago and had supper on the St. Lawrence for the train stalled on the bridge. Unfortunately it was so dark that we were unable to get a good view of the river. We will get through a good chunk of French country before daylight and be nearly to Halifax by tomorrow night. Taking it all around we have had a jake trip. Old John Hughes redeemed himself by making the C.P.R. give us leather cushioned seats in exchange for slats which made things much more comfy. Old John went up 50% in my estimation by Jove. The sceneory through Ont was fine and everything new to me so the time just seemed to slide by. The only drawback was the fact that I do not smoke and the smoke in the car makes me sick. I have been pretty giddy all day today and yesterday.

We had all kinds of fun with the Ontario fellows in the bunch. poking fun at their old fashioned ways etc.

It has be almost impossible to write on the train except a card now and again. This is the first I have written. The train jars around so much. It is very hard on the eyes.

Say my camera has gone on the blink the shutter refuses to work. I will try to get it fixed at Halifax. If not I think I'll send it home and use it when I come back or return it to Langfords. I think I can get it fixed
though if I have any time at Halifax. I did not see Frank in the peg or any one else I knew all the way through.

Well Mum my head is aching and I must go on guard so ta ta. Will write from Halifax.

Yours Lovingly,