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Date: November 1st 1916
Mother and Father

Halifax Nov 1/16
Dear Mother & Dad

Well I guess I'd better get a few lines scribbled off to you before we leave the cars. We got in here sometime last night and have been confined to the cars every since. We do not know when we will leave and we are not allowed to talk to anyone. Of course that is to keep things quiet and I have sent cards from stations every day but we are not allowed to mail anymore except through the orderly room so the chances are this will be held for a few days. However you will get this before you would get one from the old sod. We had a slow but pleasant trip from Montreal here on the I.C.R. The sceneory sure was fine. and the grub dandy. We played cards and sang etc all the way through and time slipped by like wild fire. It is a week tomorrow since we got on the cars.

We passed through Truro about 9 oclock last night. There was a big crowd out considering we were the 18th troop train through that day. The people were very friendly and chatted quite freely with us.

We are all packed and ready to go aboard and I understand there is a big bunch of transports and a large convoy in the harbor. We cant see anything from here for there are cars on all sides of us. I wish they would give us a route march for a change. I'd like to see a bit of Halifax. We were out for route marches in all the divisional points that we hit in the daytime namely Ft. Willliam, North Bay, Ottawa. Montreal, Moncton and two or three more I can't think of now.
Well I guess I will wind this up now for we may have to move any time.

May be able to mail some from mid ocean if not will write and post as soon as we land.

Your Loving son