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Date: November 29th 1916

London, Nov. 29th, 1916
Dear Mither

Just a few hurried lines from this club in the little town of London on the Thames. She is sure some Burg. I have put in 1 1/2 days roaming around now & have seen soom of the best sights of the city. Was through St. Pauls Cathedral yesterday & the wonderful waxworks & zoological gardens today. I expect to continue my sight seeing for a few days yet if I don't go broke too soon. I was sorry I had to leave Seaford on the morning of the arrival of our Canadian mails, but there ought to be a big pile there for me when I go back on Sunday afternoon.

This is a splendid place we are staying in. There are four or five such joints in the city for the use of the Canadians on leave in London. They supply cheap beds & meals (which are good). Everywhere we go the prices are worse than in Canada except in this place. The building I believe is given by the Royalty & kept up by the Canadian Government. They supply or rather old rich men offer their services as guides, who show us around the city. Pretty near all the great places are included at different times. We though being rather independent & finding the guides rather slow, beat on our own. We wanted to see all we can in the few days we have here. I will tell you about the places we saw later. After I get back to camp.

There was as you probably know an aireoplane raide on London the other night & also another at noon. I was here at the time but saw nowthing of it. They got two in the night raide & also the one that came over in the day. They pulled the soldiers out of bed for the night raid & gave them rifles etc. but It did not am't to much. I guess Ill ring off now & eat supper. Am quite well as usual & I suppose you have received by now my first from Liverpool.
Yours lovingly & in haste, Rae

Am trying not to miss any of the mails though I nearly did this week. Rae