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Date: December 5th 1916

Reply to me B company 196 Bat. the Regt.
Stationed at Seaford, Sussex
Dec. 5th, 1916

Dear Jim.

Just a line along with a xmas card to tell you that I am well but may be put under quarantine for measles any day as over half the Batt here are under it now & half of our huts were quarantined today. I am still at large however & hope to be.

I got a raw deal today. Over 200 of our fellows were recommended to take the O.T.C. & become officers I was among the ones recomended but the staff officers came around today & questioned us about our previous life. He asked me what education I had & I told him & he turned myself & five others down without a chance to show our ability. The Major in charge of the school says we had not a fair test & is going to try us out tomorrow again & give us a chance. If he will let me out with the squad I think I can make good although the Major will have to be pretty exact after us being turned in by the staff. I have a bunch of xmas cards to send away tonight so I will quit for now. Will let you know in this tomorrow night if I make good or no. So long.

Well we went back to school next morning to find out that it was a mistake & we did not get another chance at all. They just turned us down flat. Of course that is the way they do things in the army The only thing I can say is that they don't know a good man when they see one that is judging by some they took in. Well I must get this posted or it will be delayed three or four days so here is wishing you a merry xmas & a happy new year.

Your loving brother