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Date: December 20th 1916

Reply to B Company 196 Batt Stationed at Army P.O. Seaford, Sussex,

Dec. 20, 1916

Dear Mither

Well I havent had a letter for a --- of a while as we sing about seeing the Kaiser. I don't know what has happened his Majesties mail service or else you folks at home. However in five more days it will be xmas and I should get lots then though I expect the most of it will be delayed by the heavy mails that are coming in these days.

Note the paper. I pinched it from one of the club rooms for soldiers in the camp here. The paper is dandy & I wish I could get out to get more of it but we are under close quarantine now as a case of measles was discovered in our hut today, so now we have to stick to our own hut insted of having the liberty of the camp.

Well the Canadian army has decided that they can't get along without me as an officer so they are giving me a chance after all to take the course. They pulled me out of the M.G.S. the other day to go back to the school. I think the Col. had something to do with it though for the Major of the school asked if there was not a MacKay in the bunch when we were up for examination before him. He asked if I had any experience at handling men & when I said I had done nothing else for nearly four years he said you will do. Then he asked if I thought I could make them work, I told him I wouldn't last long on the railroad if I didn't. He said thats right to. Take him in sergt. I don't know how long they will keep me but I will have to study for a time & that will help kill time. By the way the Major in command of the school is a Major Eton from Truro & seems quite chummy with our Col. I wonder if he is one of the Eatons you used to know. I will ask him sometime if I get a chance.

Don't you think I am getting my troubles pretty well into my old kit bag; though it is pretty hand to smile smile smile with the toothache as I have it & no dentist in the lines. They beat it when the quarantine came & left us to suffer with the toothache.

It rains here the same as usual every day & when we are not cleaning mud of our boots we are getting it on. We have to clean up for every parade & the minute you step outside you are as bad as ever. Some sense eh!

Well I suppose everything is in preparation for Xmas over there these days. I hope you will have a good day of it in spite of the vacant chair which I hope will be filled again next year. I will get along nicely on our Xmas dinner here in camp though it is hard to realize it is any where near xmas. The ground is anything but frozen & no snow The grass has a greenish tinge & altogether it seems like september. I am looking every day for eats from home & hope to get some before xmas though chances look pretty slim now.

Oh say I got my pound note back tonight from Smith but I sure had to worry him for it. By the way how much money is sent to you every month now for I have only got 3L's for Nov. & ditto for Dec. There should be $18 go home or else there is $3 per month not accounted for. Let me know sure so as I can find out about it. Another thing let me know whether my letters are censored or not. Not that I care what they see but I am just curious to know.

Well mither I have a lot of work to do tonight so I guess I'll ring off. I will write more when I hear from you which I hope will be soon. I think I am doing pretty well at keeping up with my letters. I have written every mail home so far Love to all

Yours Lovingly