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Date: December 24th 1916

Dec 24th
Well tomorrow is xmas & this is Sunday. Two blue days in succession but I havent been very blue so far except when the mail came this morning & there was none for me. However we just had a little run after the football to cheer us up. This quarantine makes it rather bad for church going so we can't mope in the huts all the time.

We had church parade out of doors this morning & Dr. Oliver adressed us. He gave us a xmas sermon but used Herods words to the wise men as his text "And when ye find Him come & tell me that I may worship him"! He compared the deception of Herrod to the present peace notes that are being circulated by the Kaiser. His sermon was good & for once the sun was shinning in England. Everyone remarking about how long the sun stayed out. It even lasted long enough for us to get a picture of the bunch in our hut taken afterward. But its all gone now & clouds prevail once more & I expect it will be raining again before very long.

Say don't keep these letters kicking round too long for they are very loose about thing & though they are supposed to be fumigated they are as apt as not to be forgotten & let go through without & as there are so blooming many diseases going around here you had best take no chances even if they are three or four weeks on the water.

I am enclosing a picture of myself though you'd never know it if I didn't tell you. Well I must close & get this mailed for tomorrows Canadian mail. Love to all & lots for yourself.

Lovingly Rae

(An undated last page of a letter; a parcel was received Dec. 31,
so this must have been earlier than that)

I think I have rambled about nearly enough for this time if I don't stop I won't have anything to write to Emmie on Sunday.

I haven't got any parcels from Biggar yet but am still looking
forward to their coming. I believe Id rather get letters for all that. Say if I dont stop pretty soon I will run out of paper, or ink, or news ("no there is no news") or lets see I cant think of anything more. Oh yes time. I have to play a game of Billiards pretty soon. I havent had a game for months so I see where I get beaten.

Tell Impie that I have written to her but it seems as though fate were agains't their getting over the Atlantic or something. Goodnight all.

Your Loving Brother


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