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Date: January 5th 1917

Seaford, Sussex
Jan 5/17

Dear Jessie

Yes I said I had not heard from you well likely I had not but I have heard several times since & as I believe you will notice I have written fairly regular home. I doubt though your statement that you had written oftener than any one else in Biggar. If you have, I haven't got all of them that is sure. I have received quite a few from Biggar since I got here. I suppose you will say where from. Well, Mother writes very regular.

Oh yes I heard you were actually working but I suppose either this streak or the job is done by now. But cheer up old kid it does me good to know you are all so willing to help make up the shortage of cash caused by my absence. However I expect to at least start next new Year by getting back to work. The wages will be pretty good by then also eh! 25% raise if I understand mither correctly. That means $100 per month for a sectionman. I believe I will finish my days on the road though I have a strong notion of starting farming. Me farming what do you think of it eh! If the Gvt give me a nice strip of land in the Peace river Then thats the place for me, I don't think! It would be to quiet after this life but you never can tell.

Say two guys got expeled from the O.T.C. for talking in a lecture so it means look out. If you move at all on parade the adjutant will be right on your neck. I expect to get mine anyday but I should worry. I'll get to France all the sooner & I think I would make a better Pte than an Officer.

A newsboy or rather man. "Dad" we call him" was in a few seconds ago with a bunch of junk to sell. & I bought a few postcards. They are true to life in Seaford allright & were written by a guy in the 101st Batt. here. Be sure & take care of this for I would like to learn it some day. It would not make to bad a recitation for one who has been through it.

Say I am going to send you folk a picture of our dinner Xmas day. One of the fellows took our picture as we were eating It is pretty good for an indoor picture.

Yes I have written to Ida. In fact several times but strange to say I got a letter the other day asking the same question. I can't make out why she has not had any when I wrote one on the boat and mailed it at Liverpool. I guess the censor must have taken a fancy to it and kept it or more likely it did not suit his fancy so he burned it. I'm glad to note what you you say re N.E. Still there are lots worse guys in the world than Nat Esler if he is slow. At least there will be worse guys after this war but yours truly is not going to be one of them. The fellows here are getting used to the two or three of us that don't go with the crowd in their games etc. The other day they were throwing penny's into a bowl. The one who got a penny to stay in was payed 6 by the manager & and all that missed he took. I noticed that by throwing a bit in front the penny would hop into the bowl & not have force enough left to jump out again as most of them did. So I threw a penny & the first one jumped in. Everyone yelled I thought he did not gamble & neither I do says I & walked away without my sixpence. I was just demonstrating don't you know.

By the way just tell Hilda Gunderson that she owes me a letter. I wrote her just before we left camp a while & have never had a reply. I was not a bit sorry to here about the section house. Maybe they will put the new one a bit nearer to town & save Mrs Bob a lot of worry about not
getting down town. I suppose they fight as per usual.

Our hut came out of quarantine yesterday so we can move about in our own lines. It is a bit better but we can't get our washing done. I had a compulsory bath the other day on coming ot of quarantine.

There is a chap in the hut "visiting a friend of his" who knows Bobbie Paton. He is a Pats man. He is going to find out where he is for me. He says he is all fixed up again & about ready to go back on the job.

Gee its raining again. Rain you just should see it rain. not really hard but just keeps at it. Thats the way with England & the war. But we are going to have a real Canadian wake up in France pretty soon just after we get there(A photo of Christmas dinner in the hut was enclosed.)
(An undated last page of a letter, probably the conclusion of letter 21) I think I have rambled about nearly enough for this time if I don't stop I
won't have anything to write to Emmie on Sunay.

I haven't got any parcels from Biggar yet but am still looking
forward to their coming. I believe Id rather get letters for all that.

Say if I dont stop pretty soon I will run out of paper, or ink, or
news ("no there is no news") or lets see I cant think of anything more.
Oh yes time. I have to play a game of Billiards pretty soon. I havent had a game for months so I see where I get beaten.

Tell Impie that I have written to her but it seems as though fate
were agains't their getting over the Atlantic or something. Goodnight all.

Your Loving Brother


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