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Date: January 24th 1917

Reply to me B Company 196 Batt the Regt.
Stationed at Seaford, Sussex Jan 24th 1917

Dear Jessie.

What in the world has become of you anyway. I haven't had a line from you for about three weeks. Surely you haven't got so blooming struck on that new drug clerk that you cant find time to write me a line once in a while. I guess the trouble is with H.M. mail service eh! At least thats what I blame for it any way. Say that new guy must be some eh! for, he has been mentioned in all my letters lately, even in one I got from Justice. Id like to see the two legged wonder but if he keeps off my toes I won't trouble him but believe me he wants to be very careful. Say you might get a snap shot of him & I would present it to one of the museums over here. They are always on the lookout for any curiosities. Anyway I have not had a line from You or Emmie for ever so long & if it were not for one or two faithful ones like Mother and ___ I would be dying for news. I guess you are busy though & have not half the time on your hands that I have. The whole Battn is in C.B. for a weeks picquet so I have nothing to do but sit around in the evening & wait for an air raid. I guess the Germans know that We are on picquet for they don't seem to be keen on coming across. Of course they won't take the chance with the 196 on the job.

I am still at the O.T.C. & expect we will finish the course now if we dont fall down on the preliminary exams which I believe are next week. A couple of guys just came in now from A co. of the O.T.C. & they say that the results of their exams are out & about 28 have failed. Bob Leitch they say is one but I don't know for sure for the last time I saw him he was pretty confident that he had done well. I feel sorry for him for he worked hard for it & will be pretty badly disappointed. It means that a few of us will be up against some pretty hard studying if we want to pass. I am a bit afraid of the map reading because of my geometry. However if I do fail it "I should worry" for I will get overseas before the war is over so don't be surprised if you hear of me failing in the exams. It will not be my fault if I do unless it is laziness for I hate to be beaten to anything.

We have a very drunken bunch sent in to reinforce our battn. The 222nd, a Wpg battn. The paymaster was drunk as a fiddle last night & their R.S.M. all day today. Our Col. is in charge so I see where they get sat on pretty soon.

Well Jessie I am going to quit right away. I am just writing so as you will get your regular tri weekly letter at home. Try weekly is right eh! The weather is pretty cold over here just now. The natives say it is the coldest for fifteen years. The ground is frozen which is far better than the usual mud. The other night it rained & froze & in the morning we could barely go up any of the hills. It was easy enough coming down as some found out.

Jess it is getting late & the others have nearly all got their beds made so here is where I get mine made to & then I won't have to sleep so late in the morning. There goes the guy with the roll call Good night, Don't mind what I say about not writing except that you write oftener,

Yours lovingly