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Date: February 4th 1917

Y. M. C. A.
H. M. Forces On Active Service
Reply to Me B Company 96 Batl B. E. F. Stationed at Seaford, Sussex Feb. 4th 1917

Dear Mother

I received your letter of Jan. 6th a few days ago but as it was too late to catch the midweek mail with a reply I waited until today. "Sunday", to see if anything special shoul develope as we expect to move across the channel any minute. Major Bateman said I would be nearly sure to go with the next draft for nearly everyone who is fit is going to be sent. Personally I am glad to be going & get into something real. This over here is very tiresome and if it were not for the extra worry to you folks I'd rather be there. Of course it won't make much diff over there for it takes so long to get letters over that now you don't know where I am by the time you get my letter. I think that the end of the war is pretty close at hand & I think that is why Germany has at last practically forced the states into it. They would sooner deal with the states than anyone else & with the states in it they would have more influence over the other nations. I believe the Sub scare is nothing but bluff but you never can tell.

I told you in Jessies letter about the O.T.C.s fate. It was busted because this country has at last seen that experienced men make much better officers than University students bank clerks etc & are giving no more commissions to men who have not seen active service I don't mind taking a back seat one bit for them. Thats been my policy every since the war commenced but Lloyd George is the first guy I could influence One thing if the states do act it may put a little American push into it & hurry it through. The editor of John Bull one of Englands famous editors is offering to bet 10 to 1 that the war will end by April 15th & besides that he says he will pay 10000 pounds to every hospital in the nation if it is not. He is supposed to be an authority but I think he has missed his guess this time (I) give it to the first of July.

I am glad you did not send that writing paper for it is a white elephant to keep the like around. While we were in quarantine we could alway buy it, (when we were not broke) & now we get all we want from the Y M. You say you get $15 a month & that I get 3 pounds & you can't see where it is short well figure it out at $1.10 per . day & see . Then I don't see how 3 pounds makes $15. do you.

Yes Ralph is not so bad after all only a little bit dippy but he is in our hut now & that makes five of us from Biggar in the one hut. Bobby Leech being in there too. Sherman is still with the buglers & as he is under 19 he won't get over to France this year.

I had a long letter from Jim the other day & he told me all about his plans. I think it is a good idea for it will settle that enlisting business. I hope the war will soon be over though so as I can get back to help you folks out at home for he won't be able to spare much from now on if he intends getting married this coming summer. I hope I shall have the priveledge of meeting my new sisterinlaw some day. I got no less than eight letters when the last Canadian mail arrived so I am pretty busy this last few days writing letters. I had a dandy letter from both Hildur and Amy. Hildur seems to think Jim is the whole thing except that he did not know how to behave himself in the church at the Xmas tree.

I was down along the seashore for a while yesterday with Leech
There is a lovely esplinade along the Seaford front. & a great crowd out (mostly soldiers), but yours truly had almost enough of the sea coming over from Canada. When I get back there I don't want to see it again. I was into a shop down town to send a little broach to you as a token of the days I spent in Seaford. It is not very good but I thought it rather cute & I wanted to send you each something before leaving England. I sent Jessie a sheet of music containing a few of the most popular tunes in London. I was in to see the play "The Bing Boys" when I was in London. It was about the best I saw there. That is the music that was used. That part, "If you were the only girl", is very popular & you here it everywhere. I may send it over later on if I get the chance. I don't know what to send to Emmie & Dad but will get something later. Well mither I must close & write to Emmie & Lena so ta ta Love to all.

Lovingly Rae

King sends kindest regards