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Date: February 11th 1917

Seaford Sussex

Feb. 11/17
Dear Mither.

Say here's Sunday almost over & I haven't written a line today. I heard Pringle preach at church parade this morning & I just got in this minute from the methodist church where he preached tonight He is a great man. Just the kind to get along with the boys. He has been through every kind of hardships & can sure tell some rare yarns. He mentioned in one story of the Yukon of Meeting Mike Ryan of Wpg brother of Tom Ryan of Shoe Co you remember him don't you

Well Mither I guess by this time next week that I will be in Sunny France. The arrangement suits me great but I guess it won't suit you folk so well. Still I think it is best for now I will feel satisfied that I have done my bit even if I do happen to get a Blighty a we call a wound that puts us back to London Do not worry about me Mother dear for I feel very confident especially of late that I will come throught this war without any real serious harm coming to me. I can't explain the feeling but I'm as sure as can be that I will be back with the rest.

We were C.B. all afternoon so we were being moved from one lines to another I have only lived in four parts of this camp since we came. Of course it is good practice for what we will get over there but the worst is they alway move us on Sunday or at night. Well My bed mate wants to make my bed so I guess I must quit for tonight.

Well Mither I was kicked off the draft this morning because I had not yet got my glasses the confounded fools, I wonder if they think I will ever wear them when I never wore them before I sure wont were them where the slightest mismove counts I have just been to see Bateman to make sure that I get in the next bunch for by the time another bunch leave most of the fellows I know will be gone. I am not so very sore about it for though a lot of the chaps are going this time, one or two of the best are still left Bert Dickey of Perdue is going next time & he is a splendid chap. I am sending a photo of him either in this or in a little box of things I am sending. Badges etc. that I want to keep but can't take with me. My camera, xmas cards and anything I take a fancy to keep. They keep our kit bags here for us so I will chance leaving any articles of clothing here. I may send my watch but am not sure yet. It is on the hummer & it is hard to get any work done here at all & what you do get cost like fun.

I dont know why but I never seem to get my mail half regularly at all. It come in a lump about every two weeks & then there is a lot short. Letters that I know have been written I don't get at all. however I guess I will get along O.K. & not break diplomatic relations with any of my Friends. You see if I don't get a letter I figure it got sunk. If they don't get mine it was ditto, whether I write or not. That old ocean covers a multitude of sins you bet, but it also is a tremendous barrier between us & home still I feel sure that another year will see it removed again. The Kaiser can't rule the seas so he is going to drain it so he can fight on dry land.

I sent a copy of Services latest poetry to Dad the other day. I hope it gets through o/k for some of his poems are great.

Well I think I will quit now for the fellow who are going have just come in from an inspection so chances are small for writing I will wait for the mail to come in before I close this.

Yes your letter of the 16th came in today & two others also so I got lots of news today. I guess I get most of your letters O.K. but they come in in relays or I should say in bunches. but that is due to the service which is due to the Germans. I think I got the last parcel here the other day but there are a few other letters I don't get for Jessie has referred several times to things mentioned in former letters of which I have never heard.

I still have a slight chance of getting on the draft before it leaves as I believe one chap is dropping out tonight to wait for a chum of his.

Ralph Smith nearly lost his chances today by being out late the other night & got caught by the M.P. & reported. He was sentenced by the Col. to 7 days field punishment not 2 which amounts to 7 days hard labor. They don't half soak a fellow for little crimes. However the Col. is going to let him go over & finish the term in France. Of course you don't want to mention it at all for his folks might get a hold of it & worry them although he was merely late in leaving a show. He is not a bad fellow at all & keeps quite straight He chums with a splendid chap Fred Struthers one of Saskatoons Hockey players but a clean real white fellow. This night he did not have Fred along to get him home on time. We sure rub it into poor smith over the affair. He is in the clink tonight & was just in under charge of his slave driver as he calls the guard who is about half his size. He sure is funny if he is silly.

Yes, We have had one real foot ball match & that was against. the Royal Engineers of the Imperial army. Of course we were beaten but had we been in practice I am sure we could have easily won.

Davis heard later of Malcolm Berthrorp & he is getting well again.

You had as you say My friend Ida in for tea eh! well that is queer you never had her in when I was at home. You were to late with your news though for I heard about it befor As for Jessies friend Hamestrap every one spells him different. Tell Jessie it will not do for I could never learn to spell that name.

Am glad to hear Milt is not seriously wounded it will be much eazier for his people for he will likely be out for the best part of the summer. I sometimes wish for your sakes that I were in his shoes, though personally I am glad that I am still fit to do my bit. That is of cours when I get those glasses in the bottom of my kit.

Well there goes the mail so ta ta Love to all.