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Date: March 22nd 1917

Bramshott Eng.

March 22/17
Dear Jessie

Just a line to let you know the glad news. The Canadian Mail has arrived at last & though I haven't got any home letters yet I got three others including one from Jim and Aunt Dolly. Jim says you think I am in France but nothing doing they don't want me over there it seems as I am still in Bramshott, Eng. He says the mails are not coming to you very regularly. Well you con't need to worry for no news is good news in this case for if letters don't come & you haven't heard of me from the gov't then I am O.K. for it takes at least two weeks for a letter to travel & 1 1/2 days for the cable so for any sakes cut out the worry for things will be comparatively safe from now on if I get over there at all, which does not seem very likely now for Ive been a year in the army today & the way they figure things out I am in the nineth week of training.

Supper is over & three more letters in. One from you, Mother & Ida. so they were all good fat ones. I had a seven pager from Hazel Thompson but it is the first since I came here so I got some news of Justice.

Mother Mentioned Hainstalks Girl from Perdue her name is not Macdonald it is McLellan so Bert Dickey says. He says she is a fine girl but not so good as her sister, Which seems to be a tender spot with him.

Well Jess heres where I ring off & get this mailed as this is Thursday night & the mail used to go then but now its hard to tell. Good news in the paper again so I may soon be home again. Good night, Love ta



Am shooting at the ranges & doing pretty fair work. I may get a snipers job I don't think Rae