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Date: April 1st 1917

April 1st 1917
Reply to No. 910921 B Company l9th Res. Battalion 6th Brigade Bramshott

Dear Mother.

This is April the lst but they played the fool trick last Sunday instead of today. Yes all that fuss of last Sunday was for nothing although rumor says there really was a fight on in the north sea and that the Germans really tried to land troops. The truth we will not know until after the war. One thing is certain and that will be good news to you, I am still in England and by all signs am likely to be for some time yet.

This is the first time I have been in this hut to write letters. It seems to be a very nice little place and much quieter than the Y.M. The paper is much better than Y.M. Paper too. Paper is pretty scarce and cost like the dickens over here so we bum most of ours. Some stunt.

There is nothing new over on this little Isle or I should say on our little portion of it. We rarely go to any of the towns around for the walk is a bit to far for us after a hard days drill.

The mails come in at last last week the first for a month. I got no less than 23 letters and 1 parcel. The parcel came from Justice Manitoba and was very acceptible in these days when you can buy very little in the candy and cake line and the rations sure are hard to put down. They are some better this last day or two though for we kicked up a row and the Col canned the Sergt cook. He should do it every 2 weeks so as to keep the grub good. However I guess we are better off than they are in Germany. At least I hope so.

Gee but it is hard to find anything to write about at all we have had to stick so close by to camp of late. The lines are C.B. nearly every Sat. and Sun for something of other so we do not see much outside of camp. Besides we do an awful lot of night manoevre's which occuppies our evenings most of the time.

Say did Jessie get the pieces of music I sent her. There were three pieces and two bundles. I hope she gets them O.K. for they are the latest and best over here, which isn't saying much for the rest of it.

There are all kinds of rumors of Civil war in Germany as you probably see by the Canadian papers. It may come to that yet but I hardly think it likely unless they are worse off than we think for grub etc. A big battle is expected this week on Hindenburgs defense line. The states seem doubtful as to whether they will enter or not but I guess it is not certain enough a victory yet for Wilson. He may come in after we get them on the run right. If Russia stays with us it won't be long at that. By the way I mailed you a book of Branshott scenes yesterday. It should get there about the same time as this letter.

I was just into the refreshment room of this hut and they sell sausages fried eggs pies etc and I'm going in and have a feed in a few minutes whether it breaks me of no for the new orders may come out any day preventing us to buy eats.

Jim says Emmie has got the primary room at Biggar which sure will be fine for you all to be together and Jim not far away. Then Emmie can save more by being at home which is the maine thing just now.

Well Mither those eats smell very good and news is nil so I specs I must quit again. Will write as usual next week. Love to all

From your

Loving Son Rae.