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Date: April 5th 1917


April 5, 1917
Dear Mother.

Once again my feelings are up in the air and once more I tell you the dreaded news at home that I am on a draft for France and I hear we are to leave tomorrow morning at 5-30 but I think the tomorrow part is rumor for we have never been inspected or equipped or anything yet. Of course I am equipped from the last draft I was ready for, so come what may I am fully prepared. Of course I am not going to say that I am going to France this time until we get away. I'll mail this at the station when I take the train for the boat. I have been fooled to often already and have given you folk to much unecessary worry already, so you don't catch me this time.

I got a couple of letters from you last week when the last big mail came in I got one from Frank the other day too. He seems to like his new job fine. Also the location up in Calgary.

We have had a lovely day today but it is raining again this evening. I hope it clears before morning (if) ? we leave then.

I was over to Haselmere last night with Bert Dickie to see the official pictures of the battle of the Ancre. It kind o got our goat as you would say and all the way home we kept wishing we were over there. The first thing that met us when we came into the hut was you two are on a draft and sure enought ten minutes later the Sgt Major came in and warned us for it. If ever you get a chance to see it (there is a swell picture) and well worth the seeing. Also if you can get a book called Canada in Khaki for any sakes get it for there are some swell pieces of poetry in it that I want to get hold of and many interesting stories of the front as well. That reminds me of a new song the fellows sing here in the Y.M.C.A. while they wait for a concert to start. Over. . . . As you were, that's wrong. I can't think of it now. I'll put it in some later letter.

Say if ? I get away you don't want to worry if you don't hear from me very regularly for they say that mail gets over the channel in spasm's and besides there is no need to worry for I feel perfectly safe. I am not worrying in the least personnally. Then there is no need to worry for if anything did happen to me you would hear by cable long before you would miss a letter from me. I will write at least once a week so if you don't hear blame the mail service. Then if you should hear that I had been wounded don't worry as the Dunbars did for every little scratch is recorded and nine times out of ten its the best thing ever happens a person over here. They say that often men fairly pray to get hit so as to get away to where things are a bit comfy so don';t worry Mither O mine and take things just as they come. That's what I have decided to do long since for i've been out of luck all along and I think my luck will change when I get over there. My going to France has been somewhat like the states going to war but I guess they have both been decided at once for I see by tonights paper that they have declared war. Hawrah for Woodrow Wilson, but I think he is in on the tail end of it. At least I surely hope he is on the tail end of it like myself.

Well mumsy I guess I must beat it back to camp and prepare for moving even if we don't go. I'll add a little more before we leave.


April 8/17

Well I didn't get away next morning. In fact I thought it was rumor, but we were inspected by Gen Rattray yesterday morning and he said he thought we would leave tomorrow morning if they did not hold us over to be the guard of honor to Sir Robert Borden who reviews the Canadians here tomorrow. Anyway we leave the first of the week for certain this time. At least I have two Doctors signatures on my med. sheet to certify that, that rash on my chest is not Scabies. I was afraid they were going to stick on that but its alright now.

Rattray recognized me and made all sort of enquiry about you folk. He was very nice with all the men and every one thought him fine.

Well Mither I guess I'll quit for now. I will write again next mail but as this mail leaves soon I must get this posted. Love to all and lots for Mither.

Lovingly Rae.