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Date: April 29th 1917

Somewhere in France
46th Can Inf.

April 29th 1917

Dear Mither:

Well Mummy this is Sunday again and again we are on the move. We are on our way up to the line and at this moment am seated in a Y.M.C.A. hut "which seem to be everywhere" about 5 miles behind the line but not the portion we go to. We have another long 15 miles to make yet and we have just finished 15. It has been a pretty hot day and the roads were hard but we all stayed with it but the pack hung heavy just before we got here. Our full kit sure weighs heavy when you get your 120 rds of ammunition along a steel hat and rifles etc. I expect that by tomorrow night I should be nearly to the new home and by the middle of the week have seen some action but don't you worry I'll come through all right.
We passed over some lovely country and through a few big towns on the road today. It sure gives one a chance to see things but I'd rather see them at another time and under other conditions if I had my choice. It is wonderful the way in which the french have reconstructed their country at the rear of the line as the Germans are driven out. This country has all been shelled round here but you would hardly know it if it were not for a few buildings that have not yet been rebuilt. The land shows no trace of the trenches and shell holes whatever and people "Mostly women" carry on their work and business as if there were no war at all except that they charge two or three prices for everything, but then we should worry for we don't get any money to spend except for essentials so the difference is small. They just give us our field allowance while in France and keep the remainder for us till we get back to England.

I have had no mail for dear knows when but I expect there will be some at the Battn when we get there for it will be sent directly there while we have been all over they place taking courses. I am supposed to be an expert bomber now but don't know what I will be put at up the line. I like the bombing and expect to get in on it. I sure hope the mail is up there for home seems miles away when you don't get mail.

Well mither I guess this will just be a note for I will have to get back to the Billet and bed for tomorrow will be a hard day on top of this one so with the best of love to all, I quit.


Sorry I can't seem to write a real letter. Never get a good chance.


Arrived at Base O.K. and was up the line on a working party 1st night. I believe I am not going to mind it very much. We are right up at the back of the guns and sleep in deep dugouts to protect against shelling. Will write again in a day or two.


Please send me a few razor blades as they are hard to get here. Gillette razor you know.