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Date: May 17th 1917

D. Co, 46th C.E.F.

May 17 1917

Dear Kiddo
Say I guess its time to get me busy and write to you for I got two from you today dated Apr 16th & 1st. so you see how irregular the mail is. I got one from mither written on March 27th so thats getting on for 2 months on the road but its not too bad as long as they come at all in these hard times. There are more somewhere that I haven't got yet too.

Im glad to hear that you are doing so well at Normal which I presume is all a thing of the past now & it will be Miss MacKay of Biggar now instead of Saskatoon. Did I not judge the time on that parcel I sent pretty well for these days when I figured you would get it for Easter & it got there just a couple of days to soon. Say Kiddo why in the world don't you use both sides of your paper when writing to me for don't you know it gets on my nerves to see so much paper wasted when over here one is mighty lucky to get it. Of course it might come in handy to me some time for I could use the other side myself in a pinch. Paper sure is a scarcity for even some newspapers have gone out of business on account of it.

I am glad you helped Mither so much when you were home for Easter but you don't want to change the old house to much for I wont know when I get back again.

Every paper these days talks of peace; but, ours & France's governments seem bent on going on with it so I guess we have to do as they say, but I can't see where any more bloodshed can do much good for I think Germany has had her lesson in full & won't want any more for centuries & by then perhaps the world will be civilized. They sure aren't at the present day & too many do not know what it really is in the line. Still we all hope they'll fix it up so everyone is satisfied before very long for it is such a downright crazy affair from start to finish that the longer it goes on the bigger the disgrace to the world.

I had a letter from Jim today also in which he told me of his holiday at Bdn & his preparations for the wedding. I may be home in time for it yet but I hae my doubts.

You said to send all letters home after I got that letter of yours & here it is two weeks after you are at home before I got your letter but I have been sending your letters to Biggar for some time though I must admitt that is quite a little while since I wrote you last. Its hard to write letters when they are not coming regularly.

You asked me what I would like you to send me as you expected to have a wee bit of cash later on. Well Kiddo don't wory about me for its hard to get stuff through & eats are about the only dope that comes in handy over here except socks of which I have plenty at present especially the latter but I wouldn't say the same for the former. But say if you could spare just a dollar or two when you write next, That is provided you can easily spare it for I am getting a bit short & they pay us very little over here six dollars a month & about half enough to eat & the price of every-thing doubled that of Canada. They hold the remainder for us for when we get back to England which is a very good Idea as it keeps the money at home & also comes in handy when we get there & get leave. However unless it can be easily spared don't bother for I can get on alright without the extra's.

Yes I heard about Bill Watt & Milt Dunbar. To bad about Bill but Milt has been very lucky. I talking to Percy Hoskins the other day & he says that a Mills Bomb dropped accidentally beside Milt & exploded. He was very lucky not be be killed outright for the Mills is a very wicked little bomb of ours & I dont see how he escaped at all. As for Bill he was shot through the head & died instantly so he did not suffer at all. I suppose you heard that Harold Hoskins was killed He was in our battalion but I did not see him after I got here.

Well little sister I guess I'll quit for this time but keep up the good work by writing to your same old Brother


910921 G R MacKay