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Date: July 1st 1917

July 1st, 17.
Dear Mither.

Well Mither this letter should reach you about your Birthday so I will wish you many happy returns of the day. Im sorry I have nothing to send but good wishes and good news but if I had money to buy with there is no place to buy and if there were a place, to buy I could not get there with my bumkee yard to buy anything so I know under the circumstances that you will not mind. (Fine speach)

Now for the good news. The Dr. told me this morning that there was no danger whatever of my losing the leg now but he might have to operate on my ancle and remove a few of the large pieces of shrapnel from my ancle and leg. I think I said in Jessies letter that they had taken an Exray photo of my ancle and discovered "the Dr. said" About 100 little bits of shrapnel on the bone. He is very fond of exaggerating though so I should cut it in half at least. However he says that once they settle down they will not bother me any more than to stiffen the leg a bit but as the knee is to be stiff it will cut no ice at all, as far as navigation is concerned. I still figure on being able to paddle my own canoe (thats spelled wrong).

Say do you remember four years ago today how I was in Oak Lake playing football and how a year ago tomorrow morning I was bustling off for old Biggar. I've never been sorry for that move yet for afterall Findlay was an awful hole and is worse now by all accounts.

Oh yes some of my mail has at last found me. I got 13 letters yesterday. It cheered me up a bit though I have never been blue as yet. I had three from Jim and only one from you dated May 12th so I know there are a lot I have not got as there were nearly three months I had none at all. They Dickey said he wrote me one and adressed it to the Batt before he had got my adress which I did not get.

I was glad to note the very cheery note of your letter though I know you have been worrying a bit but now all of that is over and you will not have anymore worry for my fate so to speak is sealed and first thing you know I'll come pounding in the back door after the old G.T.P.
has gone through.

Yes it sure takes a long time for mail to travel these days but one thing about it they all seem to get through sooner or later. I got one from Mrs. Graham dated Apr. 22 and I got it yesterday a week over 2 months. I got one from Frank, 1 from Emmie a dandy comical letter from Amy Frampton, one from Justice and numerous others. I never received you letter "as you were" parcel of the 24th March and I do not expect to now for any parcels that come to the Batt for casualties are divided amongst his section as it is a recognized practice in the army. We at the hospital get much better eats than they though we cannot get the sweets etc that they can up there. Anything sent to any adress I have given since I was hit however will come to me. O.K. That surely was a lovely easter lily you had. It came out very clear in the picture too did it not.

Well Mummy I spose I cant write very much more as there is no more to write about. Oh I did not tell you I am still in France it is those miserable little bits of steel in my ancle that wont get settled down that keep my temperature just a wee bit above normal and they wont let me go till it comes down to stay. I hope it is not to long for I want to get some cash. Though its only a chance if I can get any there or not. However I am not suffering from want so don't worry.

Well Mither I guess I'll quit for today and write again next Sunday. Love to all and plenty for Mither and Dad.

Lovingly Rae

I wrote them to hold any mail there until I sent my adress from hos in Eng.
B co. l9th Batt