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Date: July 3rd 1917

July 3rd, l917
Dear Mither.

Sunday again and getting on in the afternoon to so is fairly time that I was getting my weekly written. We are all outside today who are not in slings as it is lovely outside but a bit warm inside.

The Dr. told me a few days ago that he was going to send me to Blighty next day. Well that very night up went my temperature to 101-1/2 so the order was cancelled. It was the same old stuff. That wound in my ankle gathering pus again they get it checked for a few days and it starts again. The Dr. says it is caused by a little bit of that shrapnel in there near the wound and if it does not settle down, soon, in fact maybe tomorrow he will take the bit out. I hope he does for it will let it catch up with the rest which have now healed so as they are not but flesh wounds of course the leg is a bit on the weak side and I will not be on my feet for a month or so yet. However if they take the bit out I expect to get to Eng. in a very few days. There the next move then will be home I guess. At least I hope so for I am heartily sick of this sort of life and the way they are keep it going is the limit if there is any way of stopping it at all. Still I think I am very lucky for I had a letter from Bert Dickey again a few days ago. They had just come out of the line and two more chaps from our old Co. were killed and two wounded. One chap of A Co. (198) whom I knew well, as he was a footballer, lost both legs. Gee when I hear of things like that I feel that I got nothing, but now that I am OK again I don't mind telling you that my leg was real bad for a time and the Dr. used to congratulate me nearly every day on the way it had come along. You see with so much shrapnel in my leg and a tiny wound for each bit and three or four large wounds besides my leg was fairly well swollen for a time. I had not anything like the pain I had looked for which was a pleasant disappointment as the Irishman said and the worst is over now and it only needs time to put me on my feet again. The Dr. said the other day it was a marvel that it stayed on at all. He attributed it to my keeping it so very still. Fancy me keeping still for two or three weeks eh! Now I can wiggle the remainder of my body all I like and move about as much as my leg "which is strung up to an Iron cage" will let me. I can sit up but can't balance myself myself without the support of my elbows. My leg
being tied up in the air very persistently tilts me back. Of course I still
have to lay on my back but the day will soon be here, "probably by the time you get this" when that splint will come off and I'll get a real sleep on my side.

The mail just came in and three letters for me. One re my money order telling me to send it to London and get it changed for an English currency order so that is Jake. The Other two were from Canada. One from Hilda Maynes and one from Ida written the day after I was reported WOUNDED in the paper. I asked them, the Drs., when they took down the notes the night I was hit to report it as slightly wounded but you never know what they will do. I got the paper of the 16th and I believe it was in the paper of the 17th by the letters. I never had any from home at all so I am looking for a few more today. The only thing I am afraid of is that you have changed the adress to some adress given when you were notified for I sent my adress both to the Batt and to the Res in Eng and either is quicker than through the different hospital adresses. However they all come sooner or later so I can still be looking for it.

I got yours of the 3rd of June (the day of fate) a few days after I wrote last. I think I have all the back mail now except parcels which I guess I wont get. Never mind I get chicken, roast beef, etc, while they get Bully beef and hard tack) I hope you won't be disappointed at my not getting if for I know its a lot of trouble and expense too.

Well I guess I will quit now as I feel a bit sleepy (as per usual) and I don't want to make my head ache. I hope you dont worry any more about me now. (Get me). Love to all

Yours Lovingly,


P.S. Ralph Smith was real well the last time I saw him which was just before we went into the line. He has a dandy job & a much safer one than the ordinary ranks. He is with the brigade trench mortar & a bit further back & does not go over the top with the mob. You can tell his mother this. I may be some comfort to her but don't tell anyone else as a fellow does not like it to be thought that he is taking anything safe over here. Though it is not by any means soft or safe yet it is a 50% improvement over both ways. I do not know why he does not write for with the exception of one week I think I had no trouble in finding time to write & they in the Trench Mortar sec. have more than we. ta ta