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Date: March 8th 1918

Fittings, Limited
Manufacturer of Malleable and Cast Iron Fittings,
Grey Iron Castings, Screw Wrenches,
Sash Weights and Washers,
Detachable Chain Links

Oshawa, Can.
Mar. 8, 1918

Dear Joe,

Received your welcome letter today also your picture & say I laughed at it "you'll excuse me I know" but you do look so funny in that outfit. But I suppose it keeps you warm so its all right. I was showing it to some of the girls here and one of them says say I just love the looks of him. So I said I'll tell him so perhaps that will cheer you up a little. She also has written a piece to send in my letter so you will have a new correspondent. She is a cute young girl about 18 and I've had lots & lots of fun with her so perhaps she will give you some fun too if you care to. If you notice the note in the corner of her epistle you will see how she make out she feels bad at my departure. I know she's glad all the time. Ha! Ha! [friend's note in margin - "she's telling fibs"]

She is here butting in again as you can see.

Friday, Mar. 15

Well Joe I left you off there and since then I have jumped the broom stick. You see that little girl told you I was leaving. Well I did & I got married. You see you were always telling me about it so I took your advice. You see my husband (ha ha) did get some exemption so we got spliced. I am living about 5 miles from home and I expect to go home often in the summer as we have a car. Well Joe no doubt you will be surprised to hear this but it had to come some time as I was such an old maid. I must not forget to tell you Joe that on leaving the office they gave me a pleasant surprise by presenting me with a handsome chair. One of those dark stained willow wicker ones upholstered on the back & the cushion. I was so surprised I did not know what to do. But ??? I am living since & have stood the marrying ceremony too so I guess I'll live now.

Now Joe I hope you will continue writing to me as long as you are over there if I have a husband for I am sure he won't mind and I love to hear from you and my new address will be Yours Truly Mrs. Bert Hannam, Brooklin, Ont.

P.S. My old one was for fear you would not know who wrote this Curtie Allin