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Date: September 6th 1918
Mr. Allin
John McCartney (Brother)

Sep 6th - 1918

16 Guthrie Street
West Derby Road

Dear Sir

Following my last letter stating the Death of my Dear Brother I take the opportunity of writing you again stating, if anything should befall him it was his wish that everything that he possessed that was due to him from the Canadian Government should become payable to me. I have been informed by the Canadian Government to that effect. He also handed over to me Deeds of Land he bought in the Western Provinces, also his bank book containing a certain amount of money he has in the bank at Moose Jaw, also a certain amount of money I have lodged in a bank in Liverpool which was all to become my property if the worst befell him. It was his wish to let you know immediately if anything happened to him of which I did as soon as I got the information. He often mentioned both you and your family to me in his letters and often said yours was his Canadian home. Now Sir what I wish to say is this "Hoping no offence" that if Joe left any property of his your care would it grieve you to hand same over to me. "Otherwise" knowing my brother was very fond of you all sooner than think it would upset you in the least to do so I would rather leave things as they are. He told me his box allways remained at your house and by informing you if anything happened to him you would see things allright. I have wrote to my son in Toronto asking him to call on you at the earliest opportunity. I will give you his address Mr. Herbert McCartney, 23 The Maples, Bain Avenue, Toronto. If you are satisfied with my letter and wish to forward any property "if any" belonging to Joe, you can either send it to my son in Toronto or direct to me, expenses of which I shall pay. I conclude with best of wishes to you and all your family and remain

Yours truly,
John McCartney

P.S. Inclosed is a Memory Card of my Dear Brother of which I hope you will accept.