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Date: December 22nd 1916

Dec. 22, 1916
105 Battalion
Witley Camp

Dear Leo,

Your most welcome letter came today. It's so long since I heard from anybody at home I thought you must all be dead.

Well Leo Christmas is drawing handy isn't it, only three more days and to think of the distance apart we are towards last Christmas but dear knows what wonders another year will work and perhaps we'll be all together before that again.

Since I wrote to you last I've had a great trip to Dublin but you've heard all about that from the ones at home. You spoke of Marion King saying something in a letter to me of something she wanted me to get if I went to Edinboro. Well I don't remember ever having got that letter and as I didn't go to Scotland it makes no difference anyway.

There hasn't been any more drafts picked from this Battalion now this good while and there is some talk of filling it up again and letting it go as a unit. I don't know if there's any truth in it or not though it won't be long before we'll be at the front anyway.

This is a lovely warm day so different from the weather we've been having lately - not very cold you know but awful disagreeable.

I suppose you are at home now for Christmas. No doubt you all feel a little lonesome for "the boy who went away" but don't worry about me for I'm sure I'll get back safe sometime. I'm awfully glad you like your job and also St. Dunstan's, don't do too much sporting though for you know it runs away with an awful lot of money and now that you're earning a good lot you must try and save all you can for its sure to come in handy sometime.

How are they getting along out home? Well I hope you must try and do all you can to help. And try and get home as often as you can for its only after you leave it that you can appreciate the blessing of a good one such as we had. And Mama and Papa do all you can for them because they were always good to us. The boys too, teach them to respect their parents by giving a good example yourself.

It is very easy for a fellow to live a good life over there but its different here and I guess in most other countries too. The temptations are so great they beset one on every side, so it's only by the greatest care a fellow keeps straight at all. I suppose now Leo you will look on this more as a sermon than anything else, don't however for it's only too true.

Almost any day now I'm expecting a box from home also another from Rita as I had a letter from her not very long ago and she said she was going to mail one right away, so I will have some high living for Christmas.

Now old boy I guess I've about said my penny's worth for this time so I'll close for now hoping to hear from you soon again and wishing you a merry Christmas.

I remain,

Your Loving Brother,

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