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Date: May 25th 1916

Niagara Camp
May 25th

Dear Lettie

I've received your letter yesterday afternoon was glad to hear from you and thank you for that box that Mrs. Grant fetched. I'm waiting table in the officers mess for a week or two so I am living like a King but the fellows in the tent soon hut out of sight. I just have to wait on the table and fix it up and clear it off again. I don't have no dishes to wash so I could come home this Saturday but I will be home a week from Saturday so I thought if you thought of coming over here on Sunday if you could get Jean or somebody to come over with you as I could not be with you all the time as I had to be there for a while at meal time. So if you think of coming you had better come over on the second boat but you can suit yourself and if I am not there to meet you you can ask Mrs. Grant the road to the camp and find B company and then inquire for me. It is fine weather here just now, tonight was mess night and we had both bands playing at the mess at suppertime.

I'm sending you a program of the selections they played. You ought to see me eat. I'm eating all the time and drinking milk. I ought to get fat if good living will do it. Two of the waiters is going home Saturday so the headwaiter and I will get home next week. There was a terrible crowd here on the 24th. I was busy at mealtimes. We had quite a few ladies for meals. Well I think I will close for this time.