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Date: September 28th 1916

Sept. 28

Dear George

I thought I would write you a few lines to night to let you know that I am well. We are here at Longmoor. We came here on Tuesday and we will be here for ten days. We are here at the ranges shooting. There is two companies of ours B and D companies and two companies of the 124th shooting at the same ranges. I've done fairly well so far. I have made 71 points out of a possible 85. We're living in tents again just the same as we had at Niagara. It rained all day yesterday and the day before. We were out shooting all the time. We're miles from Bramshott. There are a lot of English soldiers but we are the only kilties. We have just to eat outside just the same as we will in France but I will be back in the officers mess when we get back to Bramshott. I met Dick Dandy on the road one night after dark. I heard him laugh and I knew him so he came over to see me the next night and I seen Alf Hawes that fellow that was at Gooderhams and I had a letter from Dan McCormack the other day. He's wounded he is about 20 miles from here and I had a letter from Jim McAllister today. He is well. I suppose you're at school and be sure to learn as good as you can and be good to mother till I come home. I will have lots to tell you if I come back.

There is a big hospital at Bramshott where they bring wounded soldiers from France. They fetched in 50 ambulance loads come in one night. I have only got one letter from mother yet. I guess she don't think much about me so if you will write to me I will be pleased to hear how you are.

From your loving father
same address as before