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Date: March 5th 1945
Mother & Dad

R.90468. RCAF.
March 5, 45.

Dearest Mother and Dad.

Hello, Folks, how are the two of you these days. I hope the best and that Sis. is the same. Well I’m on leave at long last arrived at Colin’s on the second of March and have until twelve oclock at night of the tenth, unless I get an extension, which is doubtful, any way I will be satisfied with the seven days. I’m having a perfect rest and I certainly need one. The Channel was really rough coming over and plenty of fellows were sick, of course a small boat is worse than a large one. I wasn’t sick, but sure felt like it a couple of times. Aircraft is the only way to travell, except of course the car, and it comes first, then by plane, next the train, and last, Boats. When I was over here before on the temporary duty, it only took an hour and a half to make the journey but this time, I started at seven oclock, and didn’t get here until nine the next night, so you can see the difference, of course going back to Canada, I won’t mind standing all the way on a cattle boat,  with the cattle as long as I get there, I will sure be easy to get along with on that trip, the last.

Gosh I notice it more than ever this time, how Colins (you notice how I leave off the uncle part) talks like Dad and acts the same in both ways, even coughs like him “when he has a cold.” So after the war and I get home, Mother and You will have to come over here and see all the Folks, and you sure have a lot of relations to visit and I’m not fooling. I’ve received two parcels from Aunt Lizzie and I haven’t even saw them yet. Yes I guess you would miss Denny and Doris after them being with you so long but they will be back. I guess Bill shouldn’t holler about being at St. John’s yet, cause he should have a taste of the continent, and then he wouldn’t kick anymore, of course thats nature, if a person didn’t kick they wouldn’t be happy, but it has been plenty rough over there, and I sure will be glad when everything is cleared up, the news is sure good these days. It looks like everything will be finished before long. Last night I went over to the local pub to have a few pints, the pub is called the ([?]) while over there and old fellow asked me where I came from in Canada, (so chest out.) I told him, he had been to Canada and the States and sold piano’s, and our conversation turned to boxing and believe it or not, the old boy knew the fellow called (Whitie) also Jack Johnson and Tommie Fa[?] so now isn’t that something.

Well I never got drunk or anything as Colin doesn’t drink, nor Grace and Marg. After I came back to Colin’s, he and I went up to a friends of Colin’s for a half hour. You know how English people are if you don’t go and see them and have that ever lasting cup of tea, and (do I like my tea now,) about ten to twelve cups a day.

Well Mother and Dad I’ve about run out of news for once again. Will write tomorrow. So for now take care of yourselves. Keep Smiling

Bye now
Your Ever Loving Son
excuse all mistakes

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