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Date: December 1916
Hilda Langille

Somewhere in France
Dec /16

Miss HB Langille
Westchester Station
Nova Scotia

Dear Friend
Just a few lines to let you know that I am O.K. still all-though we are having trying times all over a friend of mine driving an Car loaded with ammunition while being on his way up the line was blown up nothing but a hole left where he was a big shell made a direct hit poor chap I knew him quite well and did not know that he were dead until I had a letter from Canada telling me about it I have another Cousin in (Blighty), I mean England wounded some time ago on the Somme which is some warm spot I can tell you have you seen the Somme Pictures they are on exhibition in Canada now but then they are not as bad as it is in reality. I heard a wounded chap say while on his way to hospital that it was just murder and nothing else. My God where will it end and when I often ask myself the question and the only answer that I can find is not until victory is ours complete and a lasting peace for all. thanks for papers I was reading a bit about the coming Dominion Elections I wonder if the Grand Old Man Sir Wilfred will go in again as prime minister. I think if he does that Quebec will do better with recruiting than she does now. I am sorry to hear that your friend in the 106th has been in hospital and I am also sorry to hear about your cousin in the 64th--being killed. Yes I have heard and read about the [?] German Subs. over on the coast it is too bad that they can do so much damage the weather here is not as good as it might be but it is not as bad a winter so far as it was last. Glad to hear that the Crops have done fine as it all helps to keep down the prices of food My! but I should have liked to have had a steak from that Moose. It is a long time since I have tasted Moose. Thanksgiving Day passed here before we knew it and as for a sermon I have not heard any for a long time but it is not all my fault we do not have a chaplain attatched to us and as we are a working unit we have to work every day the same. I shall be glad to get finished with this business I can tell you. I guess you enjoyed you motor trip I know that I would have. had I been there but none for me for a long while yet. So you have given up teaching for a year and going to stay home with papa. I hope your Uncle in P.E.I. is better now. Yes I guess you were busy all alone in charge of the store all by yourself for four days I guess you were glad when Dad arrived home again I see you are a Red Cross worker it is a worthy cause. I guess that the letter must have been on one of them steamers that have been torpeoded by the Huns perhaps I know some of the Barrie Boys 157th now I must say that I like the photograph very much it is such a lovely view and I can form an ided of what it is like in reality the only places we see are old piles of brick & stone and lots of mud where once was a lovely building before the war. and I would like one once in a while if you happen to have one to spare it reminds one of the land of the Maple. (Canada)

Your kind letter of Nov 10th just received also the parcel for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart it is a little soon for Xmas but then I am keeping it in my box for Xmas Day and you can bet I will enjoy it then I think we are to have a dinner something extra for us I will tell you about it after it is now only a few more days before Xmas so my letter will be late I have sent to England for some cards but have not yet received them as soon as I get them I will send one to you I hope you enjoyed your trip to the farm with your sister I dont think you walked did you? eighteen miles it is raining outside and I can hear the guns very plain only a few miles from where we are. I must close now and ask you to excuse paper & pencil also scribbling I am almost ashamed of it myself but it is war and conditions also I hurt my wrist while in england while cranking my lorry my engine backfired and ever since my wrist has been weak. I will close wishing you all the best of Christmas cheer and hope to hear from you again in the near future.
A Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from Your
Sincer Friend Soldier Chas
Same address as before.