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Date: December 18th 1917

23 Squadron
18th Dec. 1917

My Own Dear Mother

For ten whole days I've neglected writing. We've had terrible storms, rain and wind however thank goodness its warmer to-day and we can fly as usual. Its like June at home but not warm for here and I'll be glad when it a bit warmer.

No post in for two weeks - hope the subs haven't sunk it like they did our Xmas post out here two years ago.

I mentioned in my last letter that it would be alright to send my letters c/o Cox's Alexandria but perhaps Mother it will be just as well to send it as usual to Abbots as I'll be going back to England in the spring.

I saw in a London paper that Bob Dow has been killed - am writing Gladys Greenwood to day. She must feel it very much as I'm sure she liked Bob better than anybody.

I haven't a speck of news Mother. Since last writing I haven't done a thing except read, sleep and eat. Expect its awfully cold at home now and Saturday is probably the big Xmas fair. It seems years and years since I was home for a Xmas fair and it probably is a good many for before the war we only got home Xmas eve.

What a terrible disaster at Halifax. The suspense of the soldiers in France from there - waiting for news of their relatives must be awful.
I haven't sent any Xmas letters [missing] didn't have time before [missing] and it was far too [missing] got here. However I [missing] be missed.

I would love to see the house since its been bricked. What a change there must be. I do hope Mother Dear you're living in it soon.

Will probably get lots of letters from you and John the next mail which I hope comes very soon.

Love to Dr and Mrs Lavery and all my friends.

Tons for yourself.
Your Loving Son