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Date: June 21st 1917

France June 21

Dear Sister

I received your letter and picture a day or three ago and was very glad to hear from you and to get the picture a letter from home out here is like a good meal for a starving man. I have just finished a letter to mother and it will soon be getting dark but I guess I will have time to write you a few lines yet. I am sitting under a big tree in the [censored] woods where we are camped for a few days. It has been a little wet here this last few days but it is real fine this evening. We were in the line [censored] and came out Tuesday night. I think it was [censored] all mixed up in the days here every day is alike but I guess it don't matter much. It was pretty quiet while we were in the line nothing more than a few shell flying around once in a while. We were in support for the battalion and that isnt so lively as the front line I guess but it was good enough for me for the first time. One could look over the top and couldn't see a living thing or any signs of anything living if one didn't know before he seen the front I am sure he would never guess what it was in daytime but he would get a little better idea at night that is when most of the firing is done. I guess some of these village loafers will be in for it now. I think it is no more than right that they should be. I think the second pioneer batt is only about two miles from here. I have been trying to find out where the 48the are but no one seems to know much about things around here but they might be pretty close for all that Walter and John [Blite?] went to the 2nd batt I think some of our old officers are in the 2nd [?] Franklin and a few more went to the 2nd as Lieutenants. I suppose you have heard about Alley Fisher being killed I think he was in the 21st he had only been over here a little while. Pete Sang [?] stayed back somewhere to go to school for a while there was about fifty of them [?] called out to stay. I guess he will be coming along one of these days. Well I guess I will have to close for this time As ever Cliff

Cliff Shaver A Coy
38batt B.E.F France

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Original Scans