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Date: June 22nd 1916

Somewhere in Camp
Thurs. June 22nd 1916

My dearest Mother

How's things now. Quite OK. So we are here and my! It's warm. We had a great sports festival yesterday afternoon and I never struck such a fine amount of friendly rivalry and enthusiasm before as I saw there. It was a case of War be bothered and who will win the tug-of-war or three-legged etc. I cannot say what battalions were competing but they were those nearest to home interests and naturally they made a huge crowd for there were six battalions represented. Yes, we had a great time and saw some fine fun and had some good music from the six massed bands.

I am now in the YMCA and it's a close summer evening, which reminds me most of quiet rests in a deck chair on the lawn of Hurn Lodge under the apple tree with the sweet perfume of the night stocks permeating the breezeless air (and the lawn just cut disturbing the "midges" who are biting like blazes). Yes, how I think of those days and wish for them again, but not yet.

I have had a nice letter from Aunt Annie tonight which has crossed one to her from me so this wont get answered just yet I'm thinking. We have daylight saving over here now so we go to bed in daylight at this time of the year, which certainly is strange; anyhow it saves us buying candles.

What funny things war does? Listen to this. 2 fellows standing behind me talking. Both are from Western Canada. Another joins them and one introduces the other as "my brother from Eastern Canada. We met here a short time ago, after ten years". Strange Eh!

To go back to the light saving stunt. Last night we played football outside the barn until light's out, then beat it to bed, but seeing we couldn't put our light's or (livers) out there was no official complaint. The real fact was we all wanted to have a kick at the new ball we had clubbed together for and bought that evening. Consequence! All stiff this morning.

Now I must stop with all good wishes and heaps of love.

Your very loving boy