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Date: July 15th 1916

In camp
Sat Aft. July 15th 1916

My dearest Mother

Once again! - I received father's letter with a bit from you tacked on the end, yesterday, and for this and another reason I am replying now.

First let me say that we are at last moving back for a "rest" (Great emphasis on that word rest) tomorrow so my next letters will be written not in this YM tent or the adjacent one as heretofore but quite a walk (or hike) from here. Don't know yet how long it's for but long enough to forget that "hiss ------s Bang!" Ping! Etc.

Sorry I forgot to erase one line on one of those Whizz bangs (service postcards) I sent. Just a slip that's all it was.

Glad Harry R. is still O.K. Guess he is in the thick of it by now Eh! Let me know where Ray is, when you hear please?

I have just written to Harry Cornwall. He is still very ill but he wrote to another pal and having got the correct address (same as Pa found out) I consequently have written him, so I hope to hear more soon and let you know.

Had a letter from Aunt Farn today and have finished "reading" it now. Shush!

You will, in a few days, receive from the Government or someone the sum of £7.0.0 (seven pounds). The razor can be paid for out of it. Minnie can have the remainder of a £1 after the razor is bought for her birthday and you Mother can have a £1 for yourself (you know May28th). The remaining £5 goes into Farrow's with my other. Please!

Now as I want to visit the show next door (cinema) I'll switch off and go until I get settled in our next camp.

So bye bye

Your ever-loving boy


Let's know what Percy's expectation was at his orderly room that morning and Pa will you look out for someone who could get me what I haven't got yet, if poss. You know, same as Percy expects. I'm still keen.