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Date: August 13th 1916

In a dugout
Sun aft. Aug 13 1916
My dearest Mother

Once again I'll send a line to you just to cheer you up like. Although I've little more than nought to say.

The weather is still very beautiful and my health is quite O.K. except for the toothache, which comes in spasms, which makes me think it isn't toothache at all.

My old battalion gave Fritz an awful hiding yesterday when he attempted an attack and my! You should have heard the artillery. Whew! Some racket!

I hope Percy is with you today and is at present playing the piano for it's nearly your teatime and it's quite possible that's what he's doing. Don't I wish I was there and could join in. Eh!

Well, I guess that's all for the present.

So bye-bye
Best live to all
Your ever loving boy


Should like some more lemonade. It's been a great boon here in the trenches to us.