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Date: October 11th 1916

In a shell hole.
Wed. Oct 11th 1916

My dearest Mother

Just a few lines to say I'm still "in the pink" but not in camp but the "thick of it". For the first few days of this trip I was back and forth to camp everyday but these last few days I've put in steady up here in this shell hole except for the day I wrote you from a deep dugout,

I received Allen's letter last night and thank him very much for it. I have just finished my letter to Mr. Cox enclosing the photo and still having a few hours to while away I am polishing off my correspondence. It won't take me long because UI haven't received much lately. Bye the way you mentioned in your last that Minnie had or was writing but what's become of it for I haven't received it yet. I know she is a busy sort but only one a month is not like her a bit and they've hardly averaged that for the last 3 months. She wrote me last from Saltcoats. That's going some! Eh?

My parcels are back at camp waiting for me I expect for I asked the postmaster of our Coy to hold them for me as this front is an awkward place to get them to, it would have meant somebody being burdened with them over 2 or 3 miles of very rough country and we bring enough over without parcels coming so I'm looking forward to a swell time when I touch camp again. You wrote saying Aunt Rosie's was coming and your own and funny enough by the next post I received a letter from Auntie Annie saying she had posted another to me. So let 'em all come although it's a pity they are all together especially as it's a long time since either sent (not referring to yours now). I hope I shall appreciate all three as much as if they all came separately but not a word to the others mind!

I understand this is our last trip in this part of the line. Thank goodness. I expect you'll be mighty pleased. Eh! Going to a quieter part. May be!

Did I tell you I lost a great chum on our last trip? We used to sleep together. He was with me that rotten Saturday night in July through that bombardment. He came from Kilburn and last trip he went out wounded and I thought he was in "Blighty" and having a good time when we got the news officially that he had died of wounds the day after. It pretty nearly knocked me over. He asked me to write to his sister if anything happened at anytime to him. So I must write sometime today and get it off my chest but it isn't a job I like.

Now I must close best love to all.
I remain
Ever your loving boy