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Date: November 2nd 1916

In a dugout as before
Thurs. Nov 2nd 1916

My dearest Pa

I think I'll address today's letter to you although of course it makes no difference at 102. But seeing I've received your parcel and letter methought I would.

Contents of parcel were lovely especially the novels. Cigars and cigarettes are being very much appreciated for all on this crew had exhausted their stock, including last Sunday's issue. Consequently the advent of a parcel containing cigarettes caused "joy in the camp" or the dugout. The pads of course I thank you for but seeing you will get them back piece-meal I won't elaborate on the pleasure the receipt of them gave me.

I'm still quite O.K. and in the pink as well as being in the same dugout as I was when I last wrote (day before yesterday) consequently I have very very little to talk about. We are having some spells of fine weather in between spells of wet but the mud remains.

Your letter and parcel took a week and a day to get here, which is the longest I've known.

I must stop now as I have nought else to say and another reason is I am going up to get tea ready.
So bye-bye

Ever your loving boy


I should like to hear from Stan or Allen or both.