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Date: February 3rd 1917

In a dugout.
Sat. Feb 3rd 1917

My dearest Mother

As I forgot an important item in my letter of last night I thought I'd add these lines ere I post it. I am feeling grand today for after last nights sleep I seem to have shaken off the worst of the cold and if I'm careful not to catch a fresh one I shall be O.K. pretty soon again. It is a glorious day-very cold but brilliant and we shall be all right.

I haven't heard from you at all on the subject but only from Stan himself (twice) and I'd like to know the necessity for such ideas at all if he is not going to help Father. I made a good offer to you to help his education and you have never even answered it but seemed to have thought of all kinds of things-off the point.

Pa will you please draw £5 of mine and forward it to Perc and 5/- more for Stan's birthday and I shall be much obliged.

I wish I could spare time and get energy enough to write to Stan personally but he will have to content himself with this. I thank him for both his recent letters and wish him many, many happy returns of the day (Feb 6th).

Ma! Please enclose a couple of handkerchiefs in next parcel and please when is that M.G cap badge coming that I asked some time back for. Cross guns and then a small Canada shoulder title (the latter like I gave you). I shall want this very particularly in the near future. Obtained on left of Victoria St going away from Vic Station.

I know this letter is horribly scrappy but I really can't help it and wouldn't have written it but for Perc wanting that cash quickly. So now it's done I'm going to bed so bye-bye.

Ever your very loving boy


Will write when I can but it might be a week.