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Date: February 5th 1917

In a dugout.
Mon. Feb 5th 1917

My dearest Mother

Just a few lines to say I'm still getting along O.K. My cold has almost gone and I'm feeling pretty fit. The cold weather continues and everything is still frozen up good and hard. Brilliant sunshine prevails day after day and at night the glories of the winter moon make the hours of darkness almost as brilliant as day. Personally I am thoroughly enjoying such weather for it is so exhilarating and healthy but it's nevertheless devilish cold.

It is now the 7th Wed and this has not been posted. I am still in the same dugout and under exactly similar circs as regards health and weather as two days since when I wrote the foregoing.

The only letter I've received within four days is one from Ray, which I got last night. He has struck some good luck for he has been attached to a Survey Company of the Royal Engineers to draw maps, plans etc, etc and has an office at a big Headquarters so he has a fine bomb proof you see. I therefore hope his Mother will cheer up for I guess he will be there for the duration. Lucky beggar!!

I've nothing more to add now so will close.

I remain
Ever your loving boy

Jack xx