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Date: May 30th 1916

[Canadian military school letterhead]
Napier Barracks
May 30, 1916

My Dearest,

Your letter of the 14th came to-day. How often I have been thinking of you the last two weeks and wondering how you were getting along at dear old Cecebe. I am waiting impatiently to hear how everything is at Valhalla - how the pump went up and how the tank stood the winter, etc.

I should indeed love to see the new middy suit, and the dress of which you sent the sample; but I know they are becoming anyway.

By the way, I forgot to notify the Monthly of my address, and so have not been receiving it. If you happen to have one lying around I should like to see it. And that reminds me - you had better send all my mail to Louie's until I can give you a fairly permanent address. As you see by the heading we have changed our quarters. We got word last week that the 32nd. was to move under canvas on Monday, and that there was no order exempting us. On Sunday we were sent out to pitch tents, and on Monday although we knew that orders had been sent from the school that we that we should come to Napier, we were packed off in full marching order to the new camp. (Some delay in orders going through, I suppose). We had just got nicely rested when the orders came, and we packed up again & marched up here. We are very comfortably quartered; and the cooks are more intelligent than our old ones, and we are doing nicely; but of course, we don't know how long it will last. They are certainly firing information at us in solid chunks these days; and exams on Saturday may show how much we are assimilating.

The socks have not yet arrived, but when they do so I don't think it will be any trouble to deliver them. So far as I know the divisional signallers are still in their original camp; though I have only seen Field once on the road since we left quarantine.

I got a letter from Louie this morning in which she says that Edwin is in Leicester on eight days leave. He is staying at cousin Tom's, & Louie has been motoring him to Newbold Verdon, Houghton-on-the-Hill, etc.

Mr. Freeman's letter is just like him. I hope I shall be able to see more of them on my next visit, though when that will be is problematical.

Give my love to Jimmy and all our Cecebe friends when you see them, and keep a great big hug for yourself.

Your only, only, sad & lonely,


P.S. the second line as you can see is for technical reasons. It really isn't as bad as that; though of course I would give all my last month's pay - of which I have 3d. left and owe 9d. - for one glimpse of your dear face. Pay day is due day after to-morrow & my credit is good till then. Anyway, I am not strictly broke, as I have L5 of my original funds still unbroken.