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Date: June 3rd 1916

Napier Barracks
June 3, 1916

Dear Mother,

Your letter of the 15th May came yesterday. All your letters, like mine make the trip in about two weeks. Since the first hiatus they have been coming quite regularly. This has been the busiest week I have put in for a good while, culminating in exams. this morning. We started at 9.00 and wrote till nearly 1.0, with just time between each peoper[?] to collect the papers & distribute questions. I enclose the papers - not that they will mean much to you.

I shall not be needing more socks for some time to judge by the condition of my present stock. They seem to have very good wearing qualities.

It is indeed sad about Kylie's death. They are not nearly careful enough about seeing that men are in good condition for inoculation. They simply jab the dirty stuff in and trust to luck as to whether a man is fit and able to throw it off in the proper way. I am glad I am through with it for this time. My vaxination, too has taken so lightly as to be of little inconvenience.

To-morrow I have a pass for Canterbury, and I am too sleepy to write much to-night anyway. I'll send a better letter the first of the week.

Love to all,