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Date: July 11th 1916
Trotter Family

[Y.M.C.A. letterhead]
Paddington Y.M.C.A. Hut
July 11, 1916

Dear Folks,

You will probably be surprised to see the heading of this letter. We are en route for Oxford, and arrived here only a few minutes ago. We were in a state of expectation over the week-end, having learned on Saturday that the commandant of the C.M.S. had gone to London, partly at least, on our account. Rumors reached us Sunday night that we were to be sent to Oxford. These were confirmed yesterday morning. We were ordered to pack our kits and report at the 32nd. preparatory to leaving for Oxford to pass examinations or take courses or some such thing for Imperial commissions. No explanation was vouch-safed us; but of course we have drawn our own conclusions. It was not at all a surprise to me that the politicians in Ottawa found it impossible to sanction the giving of 47 commissions merely to please some officers in England, when there were so many good political heelers with friends of their own in Canada who were waiting for appointments. (That sentence seems rather mixed; but perhaps you can untangle it.) Some of the boys had set their hearts on the Canadian possibilities and took it pretty hard. Personally, as soon as I knew that the appointments depended on Ottawa, I ceased to regard them as more than bare possibility. Anyway, I came over with the idea of an Imperial appointment - so why should I care? The only thing we are a bit afraid of now is that they may spring some sort of examination on us for which we are not prepared. Our course at Shorncliffe was very good but hardly designed to prepare us for the examinations at an Imperial Cadet School. In fact we only spend about 3 weeks on the subjects on which they spend several months, though of course, we did a good deal that they omit. However, it will doubtless be all right in the end; and meanwhile we are going to see new and beautiful regions and perhaps absorb a little Oxonian culture on the side,

Love to all,