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Date: September 14th 1916

September 14, 1916

Dearest Marjorie,

With my usual dilatoriness I am not getting off my birthday greetings in time to reach you until after the event; and even now I have nothing to send but my love. This last is due to several causes: (1) I haven't an idea as to what to send, (2) I have had practically no time to look about, (3) my pay is two weeks overdue and I am stony-broke, though that alone would not be a preventative, as my credit is very good. Wait a bit!

Yours of Aug. 28 came on Monday and Mother's to-day. I fear one of Rex's must have gone astray, as I have not had one from him telling about the Cookes. However, the subject has been fairly adequately dealt with by other members of the family.

We had a little diversion yesterday in a visit from the King to inspect the members of the flying-school. The visit had no official connection with us; but it was an open secret that His Royal Highness was to make a tour of the Parks and see us at work. We were ordered to "carry on" as usual and pay no attention to him - which we preceeded to do. He isn't much to look at; and it was obviously not the first time that he had seen men doing "physical jerks", which happened to be our stunt at the time. However, I am glad to have seen him, if only to say that I have done so.

To-day has been a perfect day - clear and crisp - a real touch of Autumn in the air. We spent the day in the country the morning doing tactical problems in Headington Park, the afternoon arranging billets for an imaginary battalion in the village of Marston.

I am planning to go to Stratford-on-Avon for the week-end. The connections on Sunday are not awfully good; but I can probably improve them by taking a bus to Stratford to Leamington. Anyway, I shall have a few hours Saturday afternoon and another two or three Sunday morning.

I am enclosing some snaps. Also a bit of military sketching. Also a page from "Punch" which you may not have seen. The verse is particularly facile.

Oceans of love to everybody, and especially to my sister, to whom may the succeeding year bring many blessings, and the next - ad infinitum.