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Date: September 20th 1916
Trotter Family

September 20, 1916

Beloved People,

Marjorie's of the 3rd. came on Monday, Father's of Aug 31st. yesterday, and to-day came the adorable sketch of my big sister. It is a superb likeness; and in the narrow dark-oak frame which I purchased this afternoon for a shilling, it gives beauty and hominess to my soldier quarters.

It hardly seems possible that the summer is gone and that you are by this time back in Toronto. But here, too, the Autumn touch is in the air, and the ivy is beginning to turn. It makes our hours of labor rather more pleasant; but the evenings, without a fire, are somewhat cheerless. One can always keep warm, of course, by putting on enough clothes; but it is hardly the same.

Sept. 21st. Yesterday was my busy day. I was on to act as orderly sergeant, and was jumping pretty well form 6 to 10.30.

I went to Stratford-on-Avon (to resume my account of proceedings) on Saturday. Got there about 3.30 and went, - as I think I said on my card - to the birth-place etc. After dinner I strolled through the dusk to Shottery, just as Shakespeare must have often have done, only he, perhaps, had better company. Sunday morning I went again to Shottery to get the daylight effect. There is only one Sunday train from Stratford, which leaves at 10.30 A.M. I had planned to take the 1 o'clock bus to Leamington; but it looked so much like rain that I decided on the train instead. I don't regard it as more than a preliminary visit; though if I shouldn't get back for some time, I really saw the essential things.

I stopped over a train at Leamington, and walked the two miles to Warwick where I had lunch, saw the outside of the castle, etc. We shall probably be going there in a week or so for a few days at the ranges, and I hope to see more of it then.

We have been engineering this week - at Wytham every day since Monday - digging trenches, making hurdles and facines for revetting, etc. It makes one sleepy; but is far more interesting than drill.

I am planning to spend next week-end with Skilling in London. This is, I fear, a very stupid letter; but I am really too sleepy to think of anything but bare facts. Will try to do better next time. The "pomes" were duly appreciated.

Love to all!