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Date: December 22nd 1916

No 12 Infantry Base Depot, B.E.F. France
December 22, 1916

Dear Mother,

Your letter of the 1st. came to-day. I am glad to know that our parcel reached you safely. Yours has not yet arrived, but will doubtless do so shortly. One from Grandma came to-day - a lovely muffler, (just what I wanted to wear with my British warm), and a box of Ganong's Best (um yum!)
The week has slipped away very quickly. Monday I was at the training school. Tuesday morning I was sent off with 250 men on a route march, and had considerable fun enquiring my way with my very limited French. I managed to get back all right with my party - a new draft, and as ignorant of the country as I, perhaps more so. Yesterday I was orderly officer of the Depot, and of course had to stay in camp all day. In spare time helped with censoring of letters - a big job, though not without its lighter moments. Some of the letters are delicious, others very sweet and tender - nearly all cheerful, at worst stoical. This in the morning. In the afternoon read W.J. Lock's "Idols" - a well constructed book, but not nearly so charming as most of his others.

Yesterday and to-day the rain interfered with parades; but in our comfortable mess hut we were not seriously incommoded. It rather looks as though I should be here over Christmas. I hope so anyway, now that it is so close; but of course we don't get more than a few hours notice when we're sent up the line.

Tons of love to all!