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Date: January 13th 1917
Trotter Family

January 13, 1917

Dear People.

Your long delayed parcel arrived just before lunch to-day, together with Mother's of Dec. 22, and Dad's of Xmas morning. The portfolio is just what I wanted; the periscope is a handy and useful contrivance; and handkerchiefs are always acceptable though with this addition to my supply I shall, I think, last out the war - unless my kit goes astray.

If you send me parcels with eats in them you had better address them to D. Co'y 11th Leicesters, B.E.F., France to avoid reshipment form Leicester. Socks and such things you had better send to Louie. I can get them from her as required. Don't worry about my sock supply. None of the ones you knit have come to holes yet, not counting the others I have had. One pair of yours I had to give away to Jack - because they shrunk up too small for me. Don't be afraid of a good long foot. Most of them you have made are all right of course; but they are not always washed as carefully as they might be. I really have about enough in England to see me through the winter - certainly with the two pairs you say you have sent, I shall not be running out very soon.

As to eats, you don't really need to send me anything; but if you want to now and then, a bit of candy, chiclets, dates, etc. or a few maccaroons, or cookies, make a little festivity in the mess. Don't send heavy bundles, though; and don't waste too much money. We really do very well here for the most part.

I meant to write a good long letter; but I see the time is flown; and I must summon my slave to tog me out in "gum-boots, thigh and tin hat" ready for the evening trek to the trenches. I may get time to write the rest to-morrow; but I want this to go by the H.Q. orderly this afternoon.


P.S. don't know how I came to it; but I forgot to mention Marjorie's socks, which I am putting on to keep my feet warm tonight in the mud.