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Date: February 18th 1916
Trotter Family

February 18, 1917

Dear Folks,

I came back to my unit yesterday, and am at present billetted in a hut with officers of other companies. D company has a comfortable mess as usual. Have just returned from church parade. The padre, I discovered last night, is a Baptist. He is really attached to the Field Ambulance but takes us under his wing whenever possible. He has visited our mess a number of times, but we were all under the impression that he was a Wesleyan. He is a very attractive fellow and a first rate speaker. Mother's of the 18th and Marjorie's and type samples of 21st (Jan. of course) arrived during the week. Also the Canadian Magazine arrived. Somebody must have been clever to send Aunt Gertrude's letter back to Canada.

About the form of address - I don't know whether Dr. Freeman knew or not that it isn't correct to address subalterns by their rank. The custom is the same both in the Imperial and colonial forces. In the new army of course it is a custom that is often violated, because people don't know of it. Some officers, even, don't know it; tho' the majority have been informed by those who knew.

How I wish I could be with you in your little Browning club. My present surroundings are hardly conducive to the study or production of poetry; though they frequently produce momentary poetical impulses, which if more reflective opportunities came may not be wholly lost.

The weather was very much milder the last week and final days at the school passed quite pleasantly. It was on the whole a good three weeks - especially the meeting fellows from other units. It was surprising how many of them had got their training at Oxford.

Love to all,