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Date: April 9th 1917

April 09, 1917

Dear Mother,

Marjorie's of March 11th relating her adventure with "Every-Woman's World," and yours of March 15th have reached me here.

Rex should have a pleasant two months in Ottawa. It is delightful for him to have the Pattersons there.

I've been reading the papers the last day or so with most exalted sensations. I didn't realize how much I really did care for the honor of America until I saw her actually coming into line. Even still, I find plenty of skepticism to be combatted; though I am glad to say the English papers I have seen give full credit to the qualities of Americans once committed on the right road. Wilson's speech seems to have infused a fresh idealism into the whole conflict. I think it will have an incalculably good effect in raising the sadly deteriorated aims of the war in the mind of the average Englishman. The United States have really nothing to gain from going to war except abstractions. I fear the material aspects of victory have been gradually assuming such importance for England as to almost exclude, at least to dim, the high idealism with which she entered the war. "Good business" as T. Tembarom would say.

I am really enjoying the transport course very much. We are kept pretty well occupied from 9.00 A.M. to 5.00 P.M. but there is nothing really strenuous about it. We get some riding most days. Then we have to learn a lot of things about harness, and saddlery and general service lumber wagons, and the ordinary ailments that horse-flesh and mule-flesh are heir to, etc. etc. All quite interesting.

My billet is the best I have had in France, and quite worth the 2 francs a day which I have to pay for it - in preference to living in canvas huts which the army provides here. The people are very nice and friendly. I usually drop in for a few minutes chat with them before bed-time. As they know absolutely no English and I very little French, we get lots of fun out of it. It is wonderful, however, by frank consultation of the dictionary, lively gesticulations of the hands, facial grimaces, and an occasional use of the pencil.

The weather is quite delightful, though the foliage shows little sign of sprouting as yet. Still Spring is in the air.

Oceans of love to all,