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Date: April 22nd 1917

April 22, 1917

Dear Rex,

Your letter of March 20 received. I leave to rejoin my unit to-morrow morning, so send a line in case it may be some time before I get another chance. It is a glorious spring day and I have just returned from a delightful ride up the valley. We had a ripping gallop for a mile along the edge of the fields to vary the walk and trot. I had a nice little pony easy of gait, and with a beautiful mouth; so enjoyed myself immensely.

You'll be having a bon time in Ottawa I expect. Very pleasant for you having the Pattersons to break the ice for you.

I had heard of Arthur Chute's injury. Glad it was no worse. He's really a deucedly lucky devil to be so well out of it.

Hope I'll be able to help Mr. Thacher out for a year or two when I get back, unless something better turns up. The training I've been getting the last three weeks would most of it be right in line with the equestrian side of life in the Ojai.

Thanks for the card of introduction to Tsao. I shall certainly make use of it, if occasion offers.

Very affectionately,