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Date: March 18th 1917
Trotter Family

March 18, 1917

Dear People,

Some mail has overtaken me at last, including the parcel and Father's and Marjorie's of Feb. 11th. Thank you for the parcel. The candy was delicious and was much appreciated by all. The socks save me sending to Louie for some - several of my old pairs have at last given way at the heels. Wash-clothes, tooth-brush, etc. will be very useful, and the supply of "chews" will last me for ages. As for the loving thoughts that came with everything, they warmed my heart and satisfied my soul as you may imagine.

I am sorry that Father had to take a holiday, but, as in my own case, am glad that it could be spent so pleasantly. Sohrab and Rustum is pure poetry - satisfying as few things in this world do. I have not seen "Mr. Britling Sees It Though:" but it seems to be pretty good judging from the opinion of two competent critics.

The great topics of conversation here now are, of course, Russia and the offensive - both offering wide field for speculation.

I shall probably be going back to the line on Thursday or Friday. Meantime I am making the most of the lovely days and the leisurely hours. Burges leaves to-morrow; but there will be plenty of companionship left for the last few days. There really seems very little time. Breakfast isn't till 9.00; so of course one doesn't get up till eight. Then by the time one has breakfasted and read the papers and talked and perhaps written a note to someone, it is quite time for the morning walk into the country. Then lunch at 1.00. A drowsy hour or so in an easy chair, either dozing or reading, and it is 4.00 o'clock and teatime. Another walk, a half-hour's rest and wash-up, and it's dinner-time: 7.30. Coffee and cigarettes in the sitting-room - conversation or reading, or listening to the gramaphone. At a little after nine the orderly comes around to see if any one is thirsty. Most of us are - a few for whisky-and-soda, the majority for lemonade, which they make to perfection here and serve also at lunch and dinner. Then to bed. Too good to last, eh?

I was much amused by Marjorie's account of her "low" adventure, and the episode of the mop. In to-day's balminess it seems a bit unseasonable to read of the snow-shoe tramp, but it's not so long since it was frosty here. It has been the most severe winter for years - so say the local authorities.

Oodles of love to you all from your devoted Bun.