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Date: April 27th 1917
Trotter Family

April 27, 1917

Dear People,

What a difference three weeks can make in the spring of the year. I returned to the line through a world bathed in sunshine and soft air. Green grass sprouting everywhere, sapphire seas and skies and a flitting glimpse of the far cliffs of Albion! It was really a delightful journey - in contrast to the outward one.

I sent you a card Wednesday morning from Railhead, as I was about to set out for the line. I found the battalion without trouble, and found also a job waiting for me. Moss, the transport officer, having recovered from the measles - the primary cause of my being sent on course - had sprained his ankle, the other assistant had been recalled that same day to his company. Result: I was installed "toot sweet" as Assistant T.O. (temp.), and found myself a few hours later mounted on my trusty steed in charge of a convoy, sniffing again the acrid reek of high-explosive, and listening with a very personal interest to the whistle and bang of the shells. We had a few rather warm minutes during the night; but the mules behaved themselves very well, and we got back without any untoward incident; so I had my usual good luck in getting broken into my new job. Yesterday I spent around the lines and in the office picking up what I could of the run of things. To-day I have done about the same. Had a little snooze between lunch and tea-time; and am writing letters now, as I shall be going up with the convoy again immediately after dinner. Will probably be out till about 2.00 A.M. or thereabout.

I am certainly pleased to get a chance at the transport even if it's only for a short time. You'd better, by the way, leave the "D. Co'y" out of my address, as it's quite likely that I may be shifted to one of the other companies to fill a vacancy, as Underwood has been.

Received to-day letters post-marked as follows; Father, March 30 and April 2; Mother, April 2; Marj. March 28; Frances, April 7th. Will answer in a day or two. Also received letter from Uncle Charlie. Devotedly, as ever,


P.S. Marjorie's books here when I arrived. Have read "Happy-Go-Lucky" which is "bon". Moss is deep in O. Henry and very enthusiastic.