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Date: December 23rd 1944
Humewood School
Bill Sparks

B38549 Sparks W.P.

1 Can Air Support Sig Unit

C.A.O 23/12/44

Somewhere in Holland


Dear Mrs Addison:-


Would you be kind enough to convey my sincere thanks to all concerned, at Humewood School, for the lovely X mas parcel I received from them the other day.


The box arrived in perfect condition, everything in it was swell. The sleeveless sweater fits perfectly and comes in very good, in this damp, waterlogged country.


Holland is not near as nice a country as Belgium or France. The people are really in need, the Germans have robbed the country.


It is very sad to see so many undernourished and poorly dressed children, the Germans sure have alot to answer for when this mess is over.


To-morrow, Dec 24th, we are having a kiddies party, we sure will have alot of fun trying to make them understand our language. Expect 150-175 so I guess we will be kept busy all afternoon, have presents and candies for all. Most of the kiddies had not seen a chocolate bar for the last 4-5 years, until we came, now everyone you see asks for chocolate.


From what I have seen in the papers, you will be having a white X mas at home there. Over here it is still fairly mild, the rainy season about over which is a blessing, never saw so much rain in my life before, as we got this fall.


Will say good-bye for now, thanking all again for your kindness to me.


Yours in appreciation

Bill Sparks.

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