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Date: July 24th 1915
Rev. Irwin
Walter Thomas "Tommy"


83647. 4 Company.
2nd Battn. 1st Brigade
1st Can. Contingent

Dear Mr. Irwin

Received your letter dated 23.7.15. today, it had been travelling around the country & finally finds me back in the trenches & feeling physically fit. Of course my jaws are sore at times but it is not to be wondered at. Did I not tell you what happened? well, I’ll tell you now. I received a bomb in the face, it did not explode but cracked the jaw bone & cut my mouth, & broke my teeth up on one side

If I had not have moved as I did I should have got it in the head & would have probably been killed but it was not to be & so therefore I am spared.

After a few hours I was packed off the hospital & finally reached No.2 Can. Gen. Hospital at Le Treport & was looked after by some of our own Canadian nurses. 

They used me splendid & if I had been a Colonel they could not have used me better. After about 6 weeks I elected to be sent back to the line & here I am nearly as fit as ever & ready to do a little more to help crush the bosche.

The shells are going through the air & scream as they pass, it seems funny to be where its quiet now after being so long within the sound.

Received the Register this week many thanks. Stary-bush was wounded in the knee a few weeks back, but not seriously.

My sincere congratulations on your promotion too.

Must close with kind regards & best wishes to you all trusting you are well from your friend in Christ

Walter T. Robus.

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Original Scans

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