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Date: November 24th 1944
Ma, Pa and Ruth

Nov, 24, 1944

Q.R Bergquist, V86535,
A/SHPT. 4/c,
H.M.C.S Shellburne I
Shellburne, Nova Scotia

Dear Ma, Pa and Ruth.

I guess the air mail was held up today because I didn’t get your letters. I got the newspapers that you sent O.K, Ma. It sure is swell getting them. I received two letters from Art today. I will be putting in for my leave soon. I will put in to get it for December 9. I will let you know soon as I find out about it. The weather has been pretty good here today. It hasn’t been raining today and it wasn’t very cold. We should get paid at the beginning of next week. There was no show here tonight but there is one tomorrow and also one on Sunday. This month seems to be going pretty fast. I am OK. How is Joe Keegan making out these days? Have you heard how Alfred Johnson is making out these days? I hope Ma, Pa and Ruth that you are all O.K. Well that is all for today I will write again tomorrow.

Love to all,


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