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Date: December 17th 1944
Mrs. Patzer
Edwin Patzer

#432 SQDN

ENG. Dec. 17/44.


Dearest Mum:-

Thank you for the grand parcel which I received a couple of days ago. I also had a nice parcel from the church and a lovely box of candy from Don’s girlfriend in Toronto.

Because of the number of parcels which we have received we decided we’d have to have something to cook them in. So, the other day, my navigator and I went in to town and bought a frying pan, a pot and a tea kettle – so we’re well fixed to start some light housekeeping. We got bread & butter from the mess here – so we’re all set.

I had an invitation the other day to attend a wedding of a girl I know there. I’d sure have liked to have been there for it – it took place some time near the end of Nov. They’re grand people – her folks own a jewelry store there.

I see by the paper in the parcel that Don Carlson gave a talk back there when he got back. I guess it’ll be late before we get to bed tonight – cause I’m writing this before takeoff & it’s now close to midnight. I’ve had a letter from Larry asking if I could possibly get over to Holland for a leave. That’s quite definitely out though because at present travel is very restricted to any European country.

I had a nice card from Ella Rogers & Mrs Klein & please thank them for me very much. I’ve got all my cards strung across my bed in the corner – on a string.

Well I guess I’d better go & eat and get this in the mail. I hope you have a grand Christmas though Mum & I’ll be seeing you on the next one. So for now – my regards & best wishes to every one. – God Bless you.

All My Love


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