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Date: April 2nd 1916

Pte L Sinclair #460609

“C” Company

61st Battalion C.E.F.

Sunday April 2. 1916,

Dear Mother:-

We arrived in Halifax Saturday evening at 6’oclock. The train ran right onto the docks, so all we had to do was to step off and on to the boat. We are sailing on the “Olympic”, just when, I could not say, but we may be in the old country by the time you get this letter. We have had a fine trip and I have enjoyed the tram ride to Halifax. The country about New Brunswick and Novia Scotia would I imagine be very pretty in the summer, but snow is plentiful in place yet, although not so bad in Novia Scotia. Some farms along the way are just covered with water, so that they must have had lots of snow about here too.

Well we went on board about half past eight, Believe me this is some tub ‘all the same Eatons. I am not sure where or what side of the boat we are on but we’re down somewhere near the fishes. I’m sure there must be at least six or seven thousand on board so you can imagine how we are off for space. I am on deck 7 and in compartment J, strung up near the ceiling in a hammock. We are in here like sardines and its some job getting into bed take it from me. I can not say how often Ive walked about the deck already but I dont think Ive come down the same way twice.

I’ll be darned if I can strike the place the first time. Its not until Ive roamed about for about fifteen minutes that I am able to get on the trail, One way I have of doing it is to get outside on the boat deck and start from the centre of the boat and go down but that does not say you’ll get there. Our breakfast this morning was very good and one has plenty to eat.

We had porridge, Bakon eggs, coffee, and marmalade. Its another job to find the dinning room and this room even is covered with hammocks.

Well the only thing now is how the majority of us will stand the voyage. I am feeling fine and on a boat like this it aught to help some. This is a sister ship of the Titanic and the largest vessel running these days. The only ones larger are two German boats now tied up in Germany. Hows everybody at the house? We are just going down for dinner I suppose the boys are just about coming down for breakfast at this time.

Well remember me to all, and I hope you are well. I will write you as soon as we land but for a few days do not expect any letter from me. L

Good Bye. With best Regards from your loving son.


P.S. Mother could you mail me a couple of films for my pocket Kodak. If you can, get the autographic ones.

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